Saturday, December 7, 2013

Put A Diaper On That Butt!

When it comes to babies, the one thing you use all day, every day, and spend the most money on is DIAPERS! But diapers can be intimidating! So many brands, types, and sizes. My daughter is one year old and I still am searching for that perfect diaper. I think by the time I finally find it, she will be potty trained. My problem, my daughter has very sensitive skin and pees a lot! So far i have tried so many different brands, my next step is overnight diapers during the day and night. To be honest, I think my washer machine is mad at me because it has to wake up early each morning to wash my dear little one's bedding. Here are my reviews on the diapers I have tried, please keep in mind my daughter has sensitive skin.

The hospital I delivered my daughter at uses pampers. Overall I found this to be a good brand. I used Pampers Sensitive and Pampers Sensitive Wipes. I was faithful to Pampers her first 3 months. The only downfall with these are they are kinda pricey, and as you know the more your child grows, the less diapers come in a pack. 

I only have tried Huggies once. It did not agree with my daughters skin. I tried when she was a newborn and never went back. But, now that I am having leaking problems, I will be trying Huggies Overnights and also Huggies Lil Movers, since my daughter is crawling and walking all the time. Huggies Wipes, I had no luck with. I don't care for the thick texture they have. I tried the regular, naturals, and sensitive, but did not like any of the Huggies brand wipes.


I love the smell Luvs diapers have. It just smells like a baby. Really the only brand of diapers I tried that had a nice smell. I loved Luvs. For one, the are great diapers at a great price. A big box you can catch on sale for $20. A name brand that's cheap. Now they came out with Luvs Leakguard Diapers. The concept is wonderful, but I did not find they worked really good. Luvs are a thin diaper but do hold kinda good. They have a money back guarantee, which if your child leaks through the diaper, you receive your money back on a pre paid card. You have to send them a un-used diaper, your original receipt, and the upc code on the box. I unfortunaly had to participate because my daughter leaked through almost every diaper. But by far Luvs are my favorite name brand diaper (and the monkey is just adorable)!

Walmart Brand
For the price, these diapers hold up. You get more for the value than name brands, but it is still a brand parent's can trust. I still to this day use Parent's Choice wipes. The designs on them are very neutral, so you do not have to worry about a boy having pink designs or vice versa. I use the sensitive, and prefer those over regular because they aren't as thick and much easier to clean with. 

Target Brand
Target is my favorite off brand diapers. They hold very well and the cute polka dot design is so adorable!
They are more expensive than Walmart brand, but only by a dollar or two. They fit really good and do not irritate my daughters skin.

Family Dollar Brand
Overall pretty good for the price. You can get a pack for $4 something. But as they say, you get what you pay for. They hold kinda good, but you have to change every hour on the clock. So when you think your saving a few dollars, really your not. I can not complain though this is the cheapest diaper I found that works ok. Their wipes are really good too, especially the value. Great back up diapers for in between paychecks.

Dollar General Brand
I received these as a shower gift. The small pack is around $3.50. They are ok diapers, but I do not highly recommend. They do not hold good at all and feel like paper. I only buy these if I am one or two days away from payday and I run out of diapers. I do like the cute animal design around the waist band, but other than that I am not a fan.

I still have am going to try other brands, but right now these are the ones I have tried. 
So my question to all of you,

What is your favorite diaper brand, and why?

What is your least favorite brand, and why?

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