Friday, December 6, 2013

Welcome To Just Simply A Mommy


Welcome to Just Simply A Mommy. This blog is just for that, women who are just simply a mommy. No codenames or nicknames, just simply a mommy. To be honest I am just simply a mommy. That's me, you come to find when you have kids, your name just disappears in thin air. You are now considered Mom and to your kids friends, you are "(Your Child's Name) Mom". In these days all of us mom just want the best for our kids, but the way the world is today it is tougher and easier on some aspects. Some days are great, but some days us Moms are just simply trying make it through. This blog will bring all kinds of tips and tricks for moms, everyday activities, d.i.y. activities (hello Pintrest!), and lots more stuff for just simply, mommy's! If you have any requests or comments, feel free to contact me. Stay strong mommy's!

Just Simply A Mommy 

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